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The junior Witney junior chess club meets every Monday at 7.30 pm in Ducklington Village Hall (click here for details). It is a thriving club because:


  • Lots of children love playing chess and those who play at Witney chess club are no exception!

  • There is a lot of parental and adult support.

  • This level of coaching means we get some very good results in county and national competitions.

  • We regularly challenge the children with puzzles and competitions.

  • We attend a number of tournaments throughout the year, all of which help the children to improve.

  • Children are introduced to local league chess at an early stage via our fourth team.

  • Our stronger juniors play in the Junior 4NCL.

  • There is a clearly developed plan to help children improve with study materials to supplement the coaching (see below)



Chairman Bob Kilbride-Newman
Junior Organiser TBA
Treasurer Mike Truran


2013/14 EVENTS

Sun 29 September 2013

Witney Junior Rapidplay Tournament

Sat-Sun 19-20 October 2013

First Witney Weekend Congress

Sun 3 November 2013

Oxfordshire Junior Tournament

Sat-Sun 16-17 November 2013

Junior 4NCL

Sat-Sun 11-12 January 2014

Junior 4NCL

Sat-Sun 15-16 February 2014

Junior 4NCL

May-June 2014

Witney Summer Rapidplay Tournament


BOOKS AND OTHER RESOURCES - the Tim Onions/Dave Regis series of books is really excellent for helping children improve chess. Tim is a qualified teacher, so pitches his books at the right level for children. They are also good for adults who want to know how to beat their child at chess! There are four books in the ‘Ten Ways to Succeed’…… series as well as a puzzle book ‘Chess Puzzles in one move’. - ‘Winning Chess Tactics for Juniors’ is an amazing book that would help an average school player transform into a county level junior. The average ten year old will find it hard work, but it is well worth it for the persevering student. - the ‘How to Start a Chess Club’ website page is a well worked resource for schools wanting to start a chess club. - this is an excellent series of work sheets and help materials.


LINKS - this website page gives a list of junior clubs in Oxfordshire, many of whom are happy to play friendly matches. - the 4NCL website also hosts information on the Junior 4NCL, a junior team tournament played on a similar basis to its big brother! - the biggest junior event in the UK with around 75,000 competitors. - a prestigious junior tournament with a list of qualifying tournaments. - the English Primary Schools Chess Association’s website.




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