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Witney Chess Club Covid-19 Guidance


The following guidance is suggested bearing in mind that we have some players who are aged over 60 and some who are at risk for other health reasons:


  • Do not attend the club if you have been in close contact with someone who has had covid (even if you have been double jabbed).
  • Do not attend if you have Covid or any symptoms of Covid.
  • Where practicable make sure the rooms are well ventilated (we recognise in the depths of winter this may not be possible).
  • Avoid direct physical contact except an elbow bump at distance (to replace the handshake).
  • Wear a mask when attending the club (for the protection of others).

  • On entry sanitise your hands and between different games (when playing a new player).

  • Try to avoid congregating in confined areas (eg the kitchen) and when not playing do not stand close to others

  • We would prefer if possible to only attend if you have been double vaccinated (unless you have a medical reason for not being vaccinated).


We cannot make the above mandatory given the current government guidance, but would ask you to follow the guidance above in the interests of the health of your fellow chess players.


- Alan Kennedy, 15 Sept 2021.



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