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Witney Rapidplay Online Congress

Sunday 19th September 2021





  Entry to this event now closed.


Two sections: Open, Junior (Junior Major and Minor now combined).

Entry fee: £5.00; Pay to play fee £5.00.

Trophies: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, best performance prize in each section.


No of rounds: Six.



Round 1 - 10.00

Round 2 - 11.30

Round 3 - 13.00

Round 4 - 14.30

Round 5 - 16.00

Round 6 - 17.00


Time controls: 20 mins + 10 sec increment Open and Junior.


Tie-breaks: sum of progressive scores followed by sum of opponents' scores. Games will be ECF online rated.






Entry Fee: The basic entry fee is £5.00, please add a pay to play congress fee of £5.00 if you are not an ECF member.


Tournament Arrangements The tournaments will be run using a SWISS system.


(Junior section) For those not familiar with the system; if your child loses their first round, they are almost certain to play someone else who has lost their first round. Thereafter, they play people on roughly equal points to them. The advantage of this system is that very quickly children end up playing others of the same ability and the likelihood of your child losing all his/her matches is very low.


Open and Junior results will be submitted for ECF online grading.


Queries: If you have any questions please give Mike Truran a call on 01993 708645. Email queries can be sent to .





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